A christian mormon dating

This theory has since fallen out of favor as the tide of disaffiliation appears to be washing over conservative and liberal denominations alike.


Sociologist Vern Bengtson, author of , described family home evening as among the “most successful [religious] programs fostering intergenerational connections.” It’s no accident that Mormon families tend toward traditional two-parent households with children.

Few religious communities have made the development and maintenance of traditional family structures such a central priority.

Eighty-one percent of Mormons say being a good parent is one of their central life goals.

And perhaps as importantly, Mormons are far younger than members of white Christian traditions.

At one time, sociologists and religion scholars argued that theologically conservative churches, which demanded more of their members, were successful because they ultimately provided more rewarding religious and spiritual experiences.

“In fact, with a companion’s support, you can be more successful.” It’s a message that resonates with many Mormon college students.



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