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Having a population of over 4 million people in the Houston Bay area, we have a taste to please any appetite.The top rated gay bars in the Houston Bay area are JR’s, South Beach, Montrose Mining Company, among many others in gay friendly Houston, great places to take your date and show them how sweet you can be, maybe even with a cherry on top!Regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, Dallas is home of the sexy!The diverse crowds and out-going people make the experience unforgettable and addicting.


For those of you who are looking for something a little more romantic, maybe something a little more sophisticated, consider this: A night out on the town at Mark’s American Cuisine or Fabio’s Italian Bar and Grille, dressed up, red wine, the lights of the city and you and your date.6 million people to make sure you have the best night of your life, and at least 2 million of those are dying to crawl in your bed and do those dirty things you’ve always dreamed of. Dallas, also known as Big D, which is good news to you ladies out there!


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    I understand that it's difficult for most men to allow freedom to their partners to discover their own sexuality and desires.

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