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Add Video Effects and Backdrops (PCC computers can not play Backdrops). Adds Mobile Me (@names as an option in setting up an account (Adding Screen Name as an i Chat "Account") )i Chat 5There is little other changes at this time.i Chat 6 (Lion) again changes very little in layout and the way it works although it does add the ability to use a Yahoo ID in i Chat.

Messages Beta is current at time of writing and is credited with being version 6.1.

Why not be like japan using Suica got a serial number just upload the data And the serial number on card database is on their server And TOP up is easy just go to any nfc enabled booth of shop ask for a charge or TOP up Guess SG wana so their own and don’t look into similarities system like in japan Guess they want save cost and do it in-house system lor Agreed to what you have said.

We could use the CAN number on the back of the card to scan for rides and etc.

It's not opened to public and will not be for public until further notice..

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And thus both concessions or adult rider could just pay with their existing ezlink cards, not having to pay adult rides just to use this feature.

Just waiting for LTA to rollout the mobile payments feature for public transport and one can go out with just their phone or even smart watch.This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members' feedback on posts.


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    The table below outlines current and future topics.

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    Not to mention, everyone may randomly pair to others while logged out as well.

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    I recently obtained my associates and am now attending a University full time and thought Chat Avenue would be a great thing to have in the background while bored in class or while working on assignments.

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    The list of cities around the world with gay guys is huge.

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