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This means that unlike some automated income streams, a lawyer’s time is being traded for dollars.

This payoff can be huge, of course, but it’s at the expense of quality time spent elsewhere, such as date night. For a lawyer, personality skills and weaknesses can quickly reveal growth opportunities for skills that need crafted.

Lawyers have their own way of doing things, and while I couldn’t find any literature against it, my guess is that the American Bar Association would frown upon it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are dating the best dui lawyer in Houston, or whether you are dating a washed up divorce attorney.

Of course, we both wanted a “normal” relationship, but I think we both knew it was not going to be possible.

Between the missed dates and the numerous petty arguments, any fool could see that two lawyers dating each other was just not going to work out.

When dating a lawyer, there is a certain set of skills and principles to understand about your partner, and about the profession as a whole. If you’re looking for a relationship with a lawyer, there are a few factors that may help you set expectations from the get-go, so that you’re fully briefed on what you’re getting into.

While yes, lawyers are human, here are a few idiosyncrasies to note about the profession and about the professional singles that live for the law.


Most lawyers love to argue and snip at one another on litigation strategies, grammatical errors, causes of divorce and who is right and who is wrong.

All professional singles have words and phrases that may sound like gibberish to an outsider. When dealing with the law, the lingo happens to be primarily Latin-based, however it’s an overgeneralization to paint all lawyers as Latin-dropping fanatics.

One lawyer, Stacy Becker, had this to say about this stereotype, “Many people picture dating a lawyer as sitting across the table from someone going into a rant about their argument in their legal brief about the qui tam provisions of the False Claim Act while they’ve rolled their eyes and fallen asleep.

The type of thinking required to excel in that environment can be a bit trying in daily life.

Lawyers are direct, and have a sense of clarity about what they want.It always seemed like whenever I had free time, she was busy.


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