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Here in Berlin we’re so spoiled for choice with beautiful parks, but any green space works just fine!

You could also visit a botanical garden or just take a walk through the countryside.

Walking through nature with your favourite person in the world, in your own happy bubble free from the tiresome invariability of everyday life.


Sometimes this is "infantilism", which is adults acting as babies. this can also include schoolgirl or schoolboy with headmaster or headmistress, and every conceivable age in between.Littles make wonderful ageplayers because someone who is naturally childlike can of course pull off the role of a child seamlessly.I do not age-play, but that doesn't mean little's don't age-play... require(['jquery'], function($){ var deferred Load = $.If you ask an age-player her/his age, then you will usually receive a concrete answer of the age they are playing.

Usually, a little won't snap in and out of their little mode straight away, it's a progression into it and a progression out of it.As always, thanks so much for reading my blog, if you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below! Every single little/middle/small person is different, and everyone likes different things.


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