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In the Conne SSA Project, University of Eldoret is tasked with accomplishing Work Package (WP) 1: Rehabilitation of degraded soils and enhancing resource use efficiencies.


This formed the basis for establishing an aggradating programme of poor responsive soils in the study area.

The research envisaged unravelling the drivers of poor soil responsiveness to fertilizer application through identifying the nutrient imbalances that limit optimal crop production in western Kenya.

Thereafter, correction of those nutrient imbalances would be key in rehabilitating those soils.

The main aim of this study is to quantify the effects of organic materials addition on root development and crop yield in PRS of Western Kenya.

In particular data is being collected on physical characteristics of PRS.

The VLIR Project hypothesizes that poor responsiveness of the soils results from high sand texture (5%).


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