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Right now she has to remain very neutral while the divorce papers are being signed, so they don’t hold anything against her and take her child away from her for good. Is Jo’s relationship with her daughter (Zoey) on good terms?

That’s basically what happens, All in all, the people-pleasing Abby, soul-searching Phoebe, the stoicism in Delia and the inferiority complex that drives Jo… They hit a bit of a rough patch at the end of last season.

I’ll start with an easy one, what’s coming up this season?

Alanna: In the second season, Jo’s faced with an awful phenomenon: Frumpkis and his new wife Charlene decide to move to Los Angeles and they pretend to be one big happy family.

Thank God for her girlfriends or she’d be institutionalized at some point.

Is Jo still living at Abby’s house or is she starting to build roots in LA? Opening up the new bakery in Los Angeles is very stressful and she does have a bit of a perfectionist diva for a baker, and he really does challenge her. But I do think all of these Tinder dates do help her learn a little bit more about herself.

Will there be a third season or will the sitcom be cancelled instead?

Has Jo’s character changed at all or is she still the blunt, fiery New Yorker from last season?I’ve never played a character that’s reminded me so much of my loved ones, as well. Alanna: She’d be big and blonde and I don’t have to explain myself. I love how you’re so tiny but Jo’s character is so loud and… I love that line when Abby was going on those 10 dates and she says “I don’t think I need a micro body guard”. These intellectual, summa cum laude graduates are coming up with these gems of lines. So it’s these two boys living in this hotel in a big metropolitan city and it’s all about their adventures in the hotel. Are there any teasers you can give about season 2 of Alanna: Yes!Even though she’s this New York, feisty,ball of fire, you peel the layers and you find the core is a quite vulnerable, hypersensitive person who’s afraid of a lot of things and many people. Jo half the time she sounds like a guttersnipe, it’s awesome! I produced a movie called which I wrote back when I was 19 years old and it’s finally getting done, and a fantastic Indie director, is going to be directing it. Jake and Abby are confronted with the challenge of their lives. Also the roller coaster ride that is Frumpkis, Jo, Scott (diva baker) and Charlene, all of four of them are on this path that is very un-predictable from one episode to the next. Catch her on season 2 which premieres Tuesday, December 1st at 10PM on Bravo.Scott Baio is back for a new season of See Dad Run on Nick.

The first year was a rating success for the cable channel.She’s torn between trying to remain peaceful and non-combative and being honest with herself all for the well-being of her child, played by Allison Thorton.


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