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The circa 1900-1920 bird from Old Hope Antiques was valued at 5K. Kudos: To preview party co-chairs Katherine Eyre, Ann Calvert, Judy Glick, Hollie Holt and Christina de Forest Keys.To Show Co-Chairs Anne Hamilton, Nancy Kneeland and Nancy Taylor and Show Managers Diana Bittel and Karen and Ralph Di Saia.As always, Elisa's book proceeds went to charity – in this case, to Paoli Hospital. (This year’s proceeds will go to “quality of life” programs in the oncology/radiation depts.) The show: A red carpet and flashing cameras greeted guests at the huge white tent on the Marine Parade Grounds at the Navy Yard.Inside, 59 dealers of fine art and antiquities hawked their wares in tasteful booths.Flying-pig shorts and galloping-horse pants have never looked better.Women on a mission: The intrepid gals who solicited about a zillion donations. The pride of Newtown Square has already inked a second book deal and is poised to launch a line of kitchen accessories.


Others stood on tiptoes to view hanging art, tall case clocks, finely wrought samplers and porcelain.Gala tix were 76 pp but many of the 600 guests at the sold-out shindig came on someone else’s nickel. Newtown Square friends John and Tammy Murabito and Donna and Brian Mc Neill with Dean Malissa as Gen. A native Philadelphian and the “official historical portrayer" of Washington at Mt.Vernon, he left 25 years in corporate America to pursue his first love, performance art.Tending to her kiddos, she’s sidelined for now but just you wait. (Left) Personal stylist Nancy Amoroso of Wynnewood with her son, Jesse. A longtime friend/stylist of Alycia Lane, Nancy wore a Roberto Cavalli gown and dressed her son in a Ralph Lauren Black Label tux and her future daughter-in-law in a two-piece ensemble from Neiman Marcus KOP.. The bells & whistles: Herald trumpets and a sword salute by the Valley Forge Military Academy Honor Guard, costumed colonial actors and Oneida Nation reps in native dress, cocktails and a romp through the museum, then dinner (by Brulee Catering) in a tent adjoining the museum.

The Stars: NBC News’ Tom Brokaw, 77, interviewed Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Gordon S. (OK, he was a good facsimile: Dean Malissa, fresh from Mt.Philadelphia Antiques Show co-chair Anne Hamilton of Bryn Mawr, Decorations Committee member Evelyn Fell of Haverford, board member Michele Johnson of N.


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