Amy lee dating history

She joined You Tube around July 2013, and made her first You Tube channel.

To properly launch the channel, she released her first ever video with Stampy in Stampy's Lovely World while playing games in the Funland.


She has also contributed to the soundtrack for Underworld (2003) and musical projects such as Nightmare Revisited (2008), Muppets: The Green Album (2011) and We Walk The Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash (2012).

Lee has performed collaborations with artists such as Korn, Seether, and David Hodges.

Lee is also the American chairperson for the international epilepsy awareness ...

The title came from 'Snow white' which is a nickname given to her by fans.

and 'Queen' Amy said that the scary attention that the stalker gave her made her feel in a twisted way "like a Queen".

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