Athelete dating setting boundaries in christian dating

She’s way out of Dustin Johnson’s league as far as we’re concerned, but that’s because most people reading this are dudes and could care less about Dustin Johnson.

That’s especially true when a young lady is standing next to him… 2 Well isn’t it cute to have a real love and basketball type story?

Yet, some athletes clearly show they have way more swagger off the field than on it, getting WAGs way hotter than their sports skills probably warrant. Luckily for dudes who like WAGs, and also for Dustin Johnson, she is also smoking hot.

Sure her pedigree for greatness could have made her a hockey star in the women’s game, but Paulina is too good looking for that.

4 Raise your hand if you have a thing for Angolan women? you will when you see who Atlanta Falcons defensive end Osi Umenyiora married. Lopes’ caramel complexion totally does the trick and makes her one of the top WAGs around today.5 There’s no doubt about the fact that Mike Fisher is a pretty decent hockey player.That said, this is one of those rare cases where the WAG is definitely more famous than the athlete.Many of the hot WAGs on this list are supermodels or actresses.


They’ve achieved fame and fortune of their own and need not settle for anything less than the best, dating some of the world’s most popular athletes. She is of course the daughter of the one and only Wayne Gretzky.

Carrie Underwood is a country superstar and it’s a huge part of the appeal she holds.


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