Backdating blog No email sex date

To backdate a post or page, edit the date before you click Publish, as described above.

In this case, the button will not change to Schedule.


As soon as you set a future date or time, the Publish button will change to say Schedule.That’s the recent ruling from Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeals, which held (unsurprisingly) that people who are uninsured can’t suffer a loss, scramble for insurance and then assume that cost will be covered.It’s not a stunning ruling by any means, given that this is generally the way insurance works – whether it’s workers’ comp benefits or car insurance or health insurance. As noted by the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation, pretty much all employers conducting work in the state of Florida are mandated to maintain workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, with specific requirements dictated by type of industry, organization structure and number of workers.If you see that the scheduled time has come and gone and your post or page has not published, log out of Word and view your blog’s front page.


Your visit should cause the post or page to appear.Companies can’t avoid paying workers’ compensation and then suddenly buy in at the last minute after a work injury.


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