Best dating commercials

State Street Global Advisors, “Fearless Girl” Agency: Mc Cann New York Far and away the most breakthrough ad of the year, Mc Cann’s statue on Wall Street was an overnight sensation, a potent symbol of female power in business, and a brilliant use of one of the world’s oldest mediums to deliver a message that couldn’t have been fresher.

Heinz, “Pass the Heinz” Agency: David Miami Heinz finally approved this ketchup-less ad campaign 50 years after Don Draper first fictionally pitched it on Mad Men (and four years after the episode aired on AMC).

The fun, sharable activation was enhanced by great illustrations from Andrew Rae.

Nike, “Breaking 2” Agency: Wieden Kennedy Portland Nike’s remarkable effort to break the two-hour marathon barrier had echoes of Red Bull Stratos—a marketer applying its carpe-diem message to a real-world challenge that tests the limits of human potential. But BK was thrilled with the one-time stunt, which was a major PR coup.

Okay, we don’t really have any super-cool detective skills, but we know how to use google and we had a little too much free time on our hand.



Samsung, “Ostrich” Agency: Leo Burnett VR has been notoriously difficult to advertise on regular video, but this playful and inspired spot from Samsung found a way in—via a flightless bird who learns to virtually soar.The good news for those of you that aren’t sure if online dating is for you is that the link below will get you a free trial account where you can start searching through all of your matches.If you decide to upgrade to a paid account, the link will also get you up to 74% off which is pretty awesome. The best TV commercials entertain so well, viewers almost forget they're trying to sell something.

This ad for Nissan's electric car uses a cute and cuddly polar bear to get the "Save the Planet" message across.Burger King, “Google Home of the Whopper” Agency: David Miami It’s been a strong year for Burger King advertising, and this was its most audacious gambit—a TV spot that intentionally got people’s Google Home devices to unexpectedly start yapping about the Whopper. Burger King, “Burning Stores” Agency: David Miami BK also produced one of the best print campaigns of the year, with its “Burning Stores” ads showing real photos of actual BK locations on fire. The Cannes Grand Prix winner in Print was authentic, self-deprecating and flat-out ballsy.


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