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Today, interracial romances are commonly depicted on the small and big screen, alike. As recently as the 1960s, cinema featuring interracial love stories faced boycotts and banning in parts of the U. Despite such opposition, filmmakers persisted in developing storylines with interracial couples.Often, these movies used the trials and tribulations of racially mixed lovers as a platform to challenge racial constructs and racism generally. This musical, which reworks Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” chronicles two New York City street gangs—the Caucasian Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks, who function as the Montagues and the Capulets, respectively.Whereas “Island in the Sun” used melodrama to explore the topic of interracial romance, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” functioned as an intellectual exercise of sorts about the topic.The values of white liberal couple Matt and Christina Drayton, played by Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, are put to the test when their daughter, Joey, returns from vacation engaged to a black doctor, John Prentice (Sidney Poitier).At a party, David attracts the attention of the white Mavis Norman (Joan Fontaine).Simultaneously, Margot Seaton (Dorothy Dandridge), a black clerk, enchants a white governor’s aide (John Justin).When Meena (Sarita Choudhury), a young Indian woman settles with her parents in the American South, she meets Demetrius (Denzel Washington), a handsome black man.Initially, Demetrius uses Meena to make an ex-girlfriend jealous but soon develops feelings for her.


After he tries to intervene, tragedy follows, one that threatens to tear Tony and Maria apart. “West Side Story” won 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

“The Joy Luck Club” tackles family, Chinese immigrants and interracial love.

In college, Rose Hsu (Rosalind Chao) dates white student Ted Jordan (Andrew Mc Carthy).

Each couple meets a different fate, one likely influenced by the times.


For the 1950s, however, this film broke much ground.

Despite this, the couple, who met in 1957, remained together for more than two years.


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