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The architecture of these modern dating paradigms reduces the human courtship process from weeks or days to minutes or seconds.

With less time, people make rapid judgments about a person’s worth based on limited information (9, 10).

Contractive, closed postures involve limbs held close to the torso and minimization of occupied space by collapsing the body inward (15).

These postures likely hold signal value only to perceivers, because research has failed to replicate effects suggesting that expansive postures cause people to feel and behave more powerfully (16).

By sharing in a relationship partner’s social, psychological, physical, and monetary resources, a person can fulfill a number of goals, including establishing intimate social connections (1), satisfying one’s sex drive (2), complying with societal norms of casual dating (3), and reproduction (4).

In recent decades, psychologists have made considerable progress in identifying nonverbal behaviors associated with romantic attraction.

But if you choose to go on these dates, just be proud of how brave you (both!

Similarly, head nods, genuine smiles (i.e., Duchenne smiles), gestures, and leaning forward are associated with more self-reported feelings of love among long-term committed relationship partners (8).Our research suggests that a nonverbal dominance display increases a person’s chances of being selected as a potential mate.


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    and gives us courage, so you can even test your skills in virtual karaoke!

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    It turned out that the only detail she’d falsified in her dating profile was her age. And of course, the tequila was charting a course as well. ♦◊♦ We watched an episode over a first glass or rosé.

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    Increased expression of Ym2, a Ym1 splice variant (4), has been found in a murine model of asthma, believed to be macrophage-derived and dependent on CD4 T cells (5).

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