Calum best dating

They are getting along great and still spending time together, but Brandi and Calum are obviously not together.

After Steph posted a pic of her and Calum looking pretty cosy on a bootcamp in Marbella together (they were also there with Gabby Allen and Dan Osbourne.

Just last week, Calum made sure to tell Brandi that she is the one that he wants to date.

He is going through the process, but Calum is very sure that he wants to date her.

The two got in a bit of a lover’s spat, but they seem to have worked it out.

Brandi Glanville went to her Instagram page to share a small update on how they are doing now.

The last series turned into a bit of a farce when it was revealed that Bear was dating Charlotte Crosby at the time.


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