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Therefore, any counsel I might give here depends on what kind of non-Calvinist you find leading (or influencing) your church.

This difference is about far more than doctrine; it’s about tone, temperament, and a willingness to unify over other shared doctrines like Scripture, salvation, and service.

This doesn’t mean the internet has ruined the “subversive” operations of Calvinist pastors sneaking into non-Calvinist churches.

Religious zealots can be found on both sides, those who prize their so-called “camp” more than their common salvation in Christ.In my own situation, however, these outside “experts” often fed the false narrative of Calvinist pastors and their hidden agendas. Weak Relationships Still, above these two external factors, anti-Calvinists exist mainly because of the loss of relationships between Calvinists and non-Calvinists.As I look back on my five years in a non-Calvinist church, I’m deeply aware of how little time I spent with people.When asked to introduce myself, I don’t typically identify myself as a Calvinist. In 2009, I began preaching at a church near the seminary where I was studying.


Within six months, my pulpit supply turned into an interim role as preaching pastor, which then resulted in being called as senior pastor.

In our church, I’d attempted to navigate a positive vision of gospel-centered, missions-minded ministry.


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    Three years later, Timberlake and Biel welcomed their first child together, a son they named Silas.

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