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You’ve got to be kidding me.” That’s why 41 percent of births right now are to unmarried women.

While it might feel frustrating, try to be gracious, understanding and supportive of your date, who will feel equally disappointed and guilty for letting you down.

So I’ll just get a career and have a baby and just intentionally be a single mother because there are no guys worth spending life with.” I’ve shared all of this before, but the insanity of the modern Christian position on out of wedlock births is so great that it is tempting to forget just how incredibly foolish it is.

It is difficult to process the fact that our leaders are so eager to excuse the rampant sinful and catastrophic choices women are making, choices which have lead us to a state where over forty percent of children are now born out of wedlock.

You have control over your time, diary and freedom, whereas they may have to regularly liaise with the other parent and have their calendar limited or made erratic by custody arrangements, (or have children with them full-time).

Be prepared that you may be stood up from time to time.Seek out others who’ve worked through the process themselves and make the most of the same people you’d go to for advice if it were your own children: parents, grandparents, friends who are parents/teachers/carers and parents/teachers/carers in your community.


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