Christina aguilera dating now

They've released two popular songs, including 'Say It' and 'Vast Expanses'.Matthew plays the guitar and while his music talent doesn't seem to help him out in his job as a movie production assistant, we can imagine it's something that definitely drew Christina to him.


He's had the chance to work with stars such as Madonna, TLC, Boys II Men, Pink, and even Michael Jackson.Although Christina is pretty high-profile as a celebrity, we're sure that Matthew was beyond used to working with high-profile celebs prior to their relationship. There's no denying that when they are out and about, they're totally adorable, and we can't blame them for not wanting to be in the spotlight.In 1999, to be exact, Jordan got his big break into the music industry.Jordan graduated high school and attended Tulane University in Louisiana, and it was here that his passion exploded into a full-blown profession.

Not only did the future music producer major in business management, but he also worked at the American Sector record label while he was attending college.

He went to private college not far from New Jersey and attended Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.


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    A chronic bout of hepatitis C forced Naomi into retirement following a 1991 farewell tour.

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