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The London factory became independant in 1971 (see Comoy).Pipe and stand seem to have been manufactured for 1933 Chicago World's Fair which theme was: "A Century of Progress". Kabik (retired in 1989-90) started making pipes in the early 1970s.The Birmingham Assay Office hallmarks display a "l" year letter which applies for 1910.Notice the early Comoy's stamp with a tail after the "s".In 1848, either François or his son, Louis, made the first Bruyére pipe from the root burl of the indigenous White Heath, Erica arborea, known today as briar.Henri Comoy, son of Louis, established Comoy's of London in 1879 where most Comoy pipes have been made since.Made in the same shapes of the classic Comoy’s with adherence to the classic polished brown finish, these affordable briar pipes are a handsome nod to the glory days of tobacco pipe smoking. François Comoy in Saint Claude, France originally founded the company in the early 1820's, as a manufacturer of clay pipes.

Churchill's tobacco shop is situated in St Andrew's Street at the corner of Bridewell Alley.On a recent adventure I found a pair of bent billiards that had the Made in London England circle stamp on the right side of the shank and the Germanic script stamping, Royal Coachman on the left side of the shank. I did a bit of research to see if I could identify the maker.


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