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Those three things—there’s evidence for them going back to the mid-1980s, and he’s persisted with them at often high political cost.The question is whether or not he would moderate or abandon those views if elected.


Trump’s isolationist ideology has three components, according to Wright: 1) opposition to U. alliances; 2) opposition to free trade; and 3) support for authoritarianism.Defining the “stakes” of an election is, to some extent, a political exercise. S.-led international order”—and why exactly is it worth preserving?I put these and other questions to Wright last week, and came away with the most compelling account I’ve come across of how Trump views the world, and how the world could change during his presidency. “Pretty clear this is the most important election anywhere in the world since the two German elections of 1932,” he wrote, in reference to the parliamentary elections that ultimately resulted in Adolf Hitler coming to power.

foreign policy at the Brookings Institution, made a bold claim on Twitter about the presidential race in the United States.Things take to long and you get depressed quickly if you don’t go to the park or take a week off your job, and why do you have to pay to play video games...?


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