Cousin dating our cousins Flirt4 lloydminster


He hasn't spoken to me directly about it (the announcement was a Facebook post along the lines of "no one has the right to judge us, love conquers all blah blah blah") but if he does I just can't pretend I'm OK with it The only problem I'd have is if and when they split up it will make family gatherings a bit awkward.

But sounds like half the family are being arseholes about them already so you have got the awkward family gatherings covered anyway.

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You would need So, in the following diagram, if first cousins Angela and Bill don’t share DNA, then the following elements would be necessary to support the claim that they are actually first cousins rather than a case of misattributed parentage: Without any of the above elements, you have NOT proven the case.

I don't really think it is any of your business, really.

You are entitled to your opinion, of course, and are not required to be happy for them but that really is as far as it goes.

The thought of seeing them kiss and cuddle absolutely turns my stomach.


My sister is with me on this, but mum is saying she doesn't see the problem.Caution should always be taken before pursuing an answer to a genealogical question.


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    I don’t like to speak broadly for everyone because everyone’s experiences are different, and I want to emphasize how much I was in New York City.

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