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I'm not sure what's actually happening behind the scenes but it seems like the validating event takes the value entered before it gets sent to the datagridview, validates it, then passes it to the datagridveiw. True, but if I modify the actual datagridview it accepts the new value but when the validating event finishes it changes it back. I am not sure if you just dumped my code in and hit play, i was tacking text on to the end and it was blowing up on messing with an INT column, so i added a code around. I could use the Cell Leave, and I think that's what I have done in the past, I just thought it would be cleaner if I was able to do it from the Validating event.e.formatted Value holds the current value but it's read Only so I can't change the value there either. -Sometimes the answer to your question is the hack that works Private Sub dgv Test_Cell Leave(By Val sender As System. I could easily do this using Cell Value Changed but I don't want the user to be able to leave the cell if the zip Code is not valid. Thanks Perrin you may have to reference it through the sender obj that is passed. I have a procedure that verifies the zip Code and adds the 4 digit extension, the problem I am having is changing the value of the zip Code column while it's being validated, If I use: dgv.current Row. which event are you handling, so i can get what type of object e is?




Can you assist in helping me get that text in the cell?However I would also like to erase the content of the cell currently in edit mode.


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