Dating a guarded person

So to find out the thin line between two – check out her identity whether she is really the person whom she portrays her character is to be.

Point 2 – A timepass girl is not going to be emotionally attached to you nor going to mean you so much .

Not cynical but mostly realistic but scared of being unsafe .

Love and a guarded women are not like romeo & juliet .


And to those who think that the deepest hurt could only be a ruined past relationship etc , i would like to correct you because different situations can be the reason behind ones deep hurt feels of past .And if your girl is someone who is personally depended like a family pampered personal life and educationally or professionally independent . But everything would have been a sneak peak at the possible ways .Now there comes your desperate question of meeting or Skype talks .You don’t want to talk about feelings or the future, even if you really like him, just in case things go sour (which they usually do). A guy wanting a commitment from you feels like a bad thing, even if he’s wonderful. It’s because you pick and choose what topics you’re open about, and anyone that’s paying attention can tell. Your body physically reacts to the idea of getting closer to someone.

It seems more like an ultimatum than a happy milestone. ” than anything warm and fuzzy, and you try to avoid them as much as possible. PDA and grand romantic gestures are totally not your thing. You prefer subtler acts, like picking you up a latte or getting your oil changed for you. Leaving his toothbrush at your place is like leaving a bunch of carbon monoxide there, because you’re friggin’ suffocating.Sure, you can’t help what your initial reaction is, but maybe you can accept that only a super guarded person would react that way.


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