Dating a prs


For example, I just got in my first PRS in about 4 years - a KL1812.It has the "08" on the serial number (although it didn't leave the factory until early January 2009).Opinions vary here but I feel that the Indian Rosewood they use is still OK and shouldn't be a reason not to buy a guitar made after 1991.1991 -- PRS stopped offering real abalone shell as the inlay material on the fingerboard.Gibson Guitar Corporation filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the owner, Paul Reed Smith.An injunction was ordered While no changes to the design of the Singlecut occurred as a result of the lawsuit, some Singlecut owners and sellers have adopted the term 'pre-lawsuit' to differentiate their Singlecut guitar from others.The company is widely known for its hand-made, high end, electric guitars.


I noticed that listing only goes up through 2006, so here's some additional information that will help to ID the year going forward: Some time during 2008 PRS started using a "08" instead of an "8" on the serial numbers.

In looking at some guitars on a few websites I've found 2008s with both the "8" and the "08", so I don't know when they made the change; all 2009s have the "09".


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