Dating a rape victim help

You cannot allow your life and happiness to be destroyed by someone who has no respect or care for his/her victim.Rape and sexual assault can happen to anybody and can affect victims in so many ways.It can be added to a soft (non-alcoholic) drink without you knowing, or double measures can be used instead of singles.Drugs used in drink spiking are often referred to as date rape drugs, although they're not always used for sexual assault.Some areas of the country are well covered with support services while other areas have little or no services and many services have long waiting lists.Support Line itself is urgently in need of funds to enable us to keep providing support for victims of abuse.You can also find contact details for the British embassy, high commission or consulate on GOV. If you have been sexually assaulted, you should get medical attention as soon as possible.

Although your symptoms will depend on which substance has been used, they usually include some of the following: If your drink has been spiked, it's unlikely that you'll see, smell or taste any difference.However, victims can and do get through this trauma which takes enormous strength and a very positive state of mind, but it is possible to move forward with your life without the rape affecting your every day living.


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