Dating a us navy sailor

It depends on your command on how it's treated.Generally it isn't a problem until it becomes some else's problem. Browse the profiles below and you may just find your ideal match.

But they go to sea anyway, cruising below the ocean’s stealth and concealment.

These primal illustrations are worthy of being saluted.

Keep on reading to witness the supreme nationalistic grandeur for yourself.

“To be a submariner you have to be different,” said Murtha.


“It takes a unique mindset to handle being isolated from people, the sun, and fresh air as long as we are.What if I’m E-3 dating an E-3 and then they get promoted but I stay E-3. Also, while you wait for a reply from a subject matter expert, try using the search feature! Here’s a short guide to fraternization in the Navy but I’m sure it’s not a comprehensive guide and someone will be along to better answer. When that happens, bad things usually happen to at least one of the parties involved.


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