Dating agency people learning disabilities

Disability Match UK is one of the biggest dating websites.

While most websites users have some sort of disability, the site is also open to non-disabled users, who in the sites own words; “look beyond an obvious disability and focus on the whole person and a possible relationship they might enjoy.” The website has also been adapted for smartphones and tablets, meaning it is easy to browse potential matches wherever you are in the world.

Although we first published this article in 2015, we have updated it in 2018 with the latest information and latest disability dating sites.

If Valentine’s Day saw you alone this year, wishing that you had someone to shower with overpriced chocolates and large teddy bears, then perhaps it is time to explore online dating.


With a vetting policy, members can be sure that all profiles are genuine, thus allowing users freedom of expression in a safe and secure online environment.

Founded in 2005, Dating4Disabled is a global website with the express aim of bringing disabled people together across forums, blogs and chat rooms.


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    It's easy and free, and as you gain the confidence you can follow it up with a message. Our dedicated, award-winning support team are only a quick email away should you need help.

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