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I was introduced to a group of nice ladies at about 6pm.By pm I was heavily immersed in conversation with the lovely (Name withheld). We are both so glad that we took the step to join a Table for Six as the happiness we are experiencing is priceless.We'll put a group together based on the average age of those registering.It's about meeting with new friends around the same age, right? A more relaxed, less stressful way, where dinners are about shared fun and new connections.The Club members are brought together based on age, mutual interest and backgrounds.The relaxed group setting relieves the pressure of one-on-one dates and increases the chances of meeting someone interesting and compatible.Our team will be in touch via email & SMS to let you know if you're in. We’re passionate & excited about what we do and we want you to experience the thrill of meeting new people that you’re comfortable with.A Table For Six has been around since 2001 and we pride ourselves on our singles dinners where you can meet like-minded people in your age group at a constantly changing selection of superb restaurants that have been hand-selected for great ambiance, great food and, most importantly, great value. Finding new friends and a special partner is one of the most important things we do in our lifetime.

Members of Eight at Eight meet in groups for an evening of friendly conversation, good food, and the chance to increase their circle of friends over dinner.

I had…"Instead of the pressure of a one-on-one meeting or date, Eight at Eight selects a compatible mix of SINGLES matched by age, interests, and background.

Four men and Four women meet for friendly conversation, dinner, and the chance to increase their circle of friends. Each dinner party takes on a life of its own and the net result is always a great evening out.

I was referred by a dear friend who really cares about me.

I was hesitant as I had had nothing but bad experiences with counselors in the past.Being a Dinner Club member is about enjoying the good life.


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