Dating divas apron tutorial

I created something similar to this earlier this year for my in-law's wedding anniversary, and boy do I wish that I had the benefit of this fantastic word art tutorial created by From Gardners 2 Bergers!So to inspire you, here are 10 cheap and easy DIY ideas for Mother's Day!So here guys, gearing up for the April A to Z blogging challenge 2014, in all earnestness.Check out the full fizzy bath bombs tutorial over on Playdough to Plato!I think if I had made it a more subtle sweetheart it may have turned out a bit smoother.I’d also like to point out here that the length for the neck strap in the tutorial was too long so I had to shorten it, so if you try this out make sure you check the length that you need for that. I love the little ruffle on this too, although the length was off for this as well.

I won’t share step by step instructions on how to make the apron since the above tutorial does a good job of that, but I will point out where I altered things and what I wish I had done differently.I was running around like a crazy person the morning of the shower making sure that everything was set up, so I only got 4 not so great photos.One of the other bridesmaids took lots of pictures that day, so hopefully I can steal some from her to share with you all!For embroidering the name, all I did was lightly write it on with pen and then I just used regular thread and a needle and hand sewed it on following the letters. I had gotten 1m of the white fabric and a 1/2m of the floral fabric which worked out to just enough.


It would have been better to have a touch more of the floral but I made it work :) My sister liked it and I liked that I was able to give her something handmade and personal.I also embroidered her new married name onto the pocket (which I blurred out for her privacy). It’s cute and feminine but it’s a flatter ruffle so it isn’t overdone.


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