Dating gretsch drums

I understand everything is to 1912, set of vintage catalogs.

Aug 16 x 14 byzance vintage gretsch, gretsch drums.

Alongside Fender, Gibson, Martin and Rickenbacker, Gretsch was one of the original American guitar manufacturers.



The guide for that is much simpler: be nice, ask questions, offer whiskey. Early 1900s - 1970: New York City 1970 - 1979: Booneville, Arkansas 1979 - 1981: Various locations including Mexico. 1989 - present: Japan (Terada factory) 1995 - present: US (Custom & Masterbuilt Series) 2000 - present: China and Korea (Electromatic & Synchromatic Series) .In terms of raw playability, the made-in-Japan models of the last decade are regarded as high-quality instruments that avoid some of the flaws of the mid-20th century designs on which they're based.


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