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LUDWIG, 1970s, “LIGHTWEIGHT” PROTOTYPE, 5×14, ALL PLASTIC Ultra-rare proto-type drum.

Designed for the school market as a super light weight drum. Here is a perfect example of an original set of Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl 6″ and 8″ bongo drums. Mitch was a tremendously talented drummer and was a true force behind the kit with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. He used it in live performances and on the Lap of Luxury … Read More Alex Van Halen 2009 Signature Rosewood 6.5×14 Snare Drum. This extremely limited edition Ludwig Alex Van Halen Signature Snare Drum was made in 2009 and quickly sold out and has been in extreme high demand ever … 5.00 Back in the 1970s, when a Ludwig sales rep visited one of his dealers he would arrive with this binder under his arm. Normally the finish would extend past past the end of the wooden ply and be glued to the … Regardless of the connection to it’s famous original owner, this one of a kind drum set stands … Read More Ludwig 1970s “Artist Model” COB Supraphonic 400, 5.00, #203 Single click photos to enlarge. It’s showing some wear but it’s still strong as ever and sounding and playing great. Read More WFL/Ludwig Early Black Oyster Jazz Festival 5.5×14. ,795.00 This snare pre-dates the legendary snare that Ringo Starr played in the Beatles.

It’s a VERY early Jazz festival, probably from 1959 or 1960. The only markings are the handwritten markings see in the photos. Read More There’s not much to tell you on this snare…Other than it’s PERFECT!! Hardware is very slightly scratched/pitted but still excellent.


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