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PSRAI calculates the composite design effect for a sample of size n, with each case having a weight, w, as: In a wide range of situations, the adjusted standard error of a statistic should be calculated by multiplying the usual formula by the square root of the design effect (√deff).Thus, the formula for computing the 95% confidence interval around a percentage is: where ˆ is the sample estimate and n is the unweighted number of sample cases in the group being considered.Active blocks of telephone numbers (area code exchange two-digit block number) that contained three or more residential directory listings were selected with probabilities in proportion to their share of listed telephone households; after selection two more digits were added randomly to complete the number.This method guarantees coverage of every assigned phone number regardless of whether that number is directory listed, purposely unlisted, or too new to be listed.For results based Internet users (n=2,252), the margin of sampling error is plus or minus 2.3 percentage points.Online daters (n=204) have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 7.5 percentage points.Weighting was accomplished using Sample Balancing, a special iterative sample weighting program that simultaneously balances the distributions of all variables using a statistical technique called the Deming Algorithm.Weights were trimmed to prevent individual interviews from having too much influence on the final results.



Calls were staggered over times of day and days of the week to maximize the chance of making contact with potential respondents.As many as 10 attempts were made to contact every sampled telephone number.


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