Dating paraplegic and quadraplegic

When Naomi said I was paralyzed was the first time that I understood how badly I’d messed myself up.

Not only was my accident emotionally hard for me, it was also tough for Naomi, her family, my family, my friends and everyone who knew me.

But when I was injured, I thought I had lost it all.

Then I discovered the Bellyak, a kayak for quads and others, and I regained my love of the water and my ability to go kayaking.

Since I knew I wouldn’t be drinking and driving, I drank more than I should have. After awhile, I told my friend who had taken me to the bar and house party, “I’m ready to go home.” He told me, “I’ve had too much to drink.

I can’t drive.” The person who was having the house party said, “Take my car.

After all those crashes and hospital visits, I thought I’d heal and be able to do the same things I’d done in the past. I didn’t realize how severe this accident was until I started physical therapy. However, today although I have no finger function, I do have biceps and triceps function.

When he called, I was at the gym getting in shape to go to basic training in April.

My buddy said, “Let’s go out to a bar, and have some drinks.” We agreed to meet at a local hangout.

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But they were happy, because I was alive and gave me big hugs. Later, I learned she had told me, “I can’t untie you.


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