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When they were walking or fishing at night they did it with lighted torches of resinous wood or pieces as Cuaba or pine (Pinus occidentalis) and goaconax or guaconejo (Amiris spp.) The stone axes, scrapers like the shell, were working devices frequently used by the Amerindians, mainly to make its many objects of wood.The most typical axes in the Taino culture are petaloid, the name given to resemble flower petals, but there were other types of axes, such as the neck axes and chisels, and some of them in the hand, while most size is tied to the end of a wooden mallet.Social Life Their social, political and religious organization was the most developed among indigenous groups in the West Indies.

When the boss was out for a journey far from the village, his subjects would carry him on a litter of wood and straw, while his children would follow carried on the shoulders.In addition, the Tainos were excellent sculptors who drew up ceremonial artifacts of great artistic expression as duhos or ceremonial seats, idols or cemíes, instruments for the cohoba ritual and monolithic rings.


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