Esri rest services not updating

The map service and its tiles are automatically accessible using the WMTS specification.

It's important to know which capabilities are available and to choose the ones that best meet your needs.

The Update Definition operation is accessed through the Admin view of the REST endpoint of the feature service.

Such updates include updating maximum record count and modifying the coded value domains for the hosted feature service.

As you deploy , you can enable capabilities that define the various ways clients can use the service.

As an administrator, your view of the server focuses on GIS resources and the services you create from them.It is recommended that you make all services accessible using HTTPS only, which encrypts the information in the service when it is transmitted over the Internet.If you own or have privileges to administer secure services with embedded credentials and your secure service's data source is using the HTTP protocol, you can replace If you use Internet Explorer to access secure services, you may need to add the domains of your organization’s trusted servers to your browser’s trusted sites list.You can add the following to a map or scene using the service URL:, you choose whether to store the credentials necessary to access the service with the layer item.

If the credentials are not stored, you may be prompted for credentials when you access the service.See Best practices for sharing for more information.


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