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So if you use the same photograph on Tinder with Facebook, and then it’s easy enough to find somebody because they’ve used the same photo…Unless their name is something really common, like Sarah, or if you’re looking for a Mary or something.

So you find their first name and their photograph on Facebook, then you’ve got the last name.

So there’s a lot of people around here who have a very unique first and last name combination.

And so when you do a search for them on the web, you’re going to find stuff out about them. Other places, like New York City, if you’re searching for Sean Sullivan, you’re probably going to come up with a bunch of them.

That’s just the concern that I have though as a security-minded person.


What privacy concessions are you making when you swipe?And so like going from one platform to another platform to another platform, you’re going to get a bigger and bigger hit.So this is probably advice that’s best suited for smaller regions, smaller cities.These are the things that people need to be mindful of. We’re talking about Tinder here as sort of shorthand for all dating apps, but there’s different kinds out there. So right out of the gate, that one, you probably have an understanding, is looking for location data plus location history.

In what way do you think they’re different from each other in terms of how they handle user data, encryption, authentication, permissions, things like that? So it’s going to have to secure location history in its back end, or hopefully it’s securing the location history in the back end.It’s much more socially accepted than these websites from a decade ago.


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