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Some of the closer in neighborhoods are vibrant: Riverside/Avondale, San Marco, Springfield and Murray Hill to a lesser extent.

Riverside/Avondale is the 'gay ghetto' but its really a diverse neighborhood, walkable etc.

OH and one night some friends were having dinner at a regular small bar/restaurant hangout type place and stayed longer talking. The owner wanted to kick us out saying they were having their regular Tuesday night (or whatever) "poetry reading" and were reconfiguring the tables. I lived in The Strand rental high rise on the South Bank. My BFF, SGM had no problems living there freely holding hands with his boyfriend etc.

So we hung out and it ended up being this thing I never saw before even up north - some kinda loud active Lesbian & Trans W poetry reading combined with politics, dramatic readings, biographical drama put to music, and lectures yada yada. " LOL I told these Lesbian clients of mine about it and they go: "WTF, gurl, no". and one of the rental agents in the building was MGM and they lived there. All professionals not that it matters but working everywhere - doctors at Mayo Clinic and other hospitals, CXS, coupla lawyers, phone company, fairly high profile people at Steinmart, teachers...list is fairly long. Jax is where you move for work, or because it fits your wish list of criteria for moving to/within FL.

Riverside has a couple districts that are really fun. Springfield is on the up swing as well as Murray Hill. If you work farther east then living at the Beaches or St Johns Town Center are potential options. The JAX metro area is huge - and your best housing options will probably depend a lot on where you'll be working. And the gay people I know here are mostly older and married. I don't think anyone - at least where I live - gives the issue a second thought these days. I did very well there as a dog walker, much better than where I am now in Indian River County as far as how easy it was to get clients and them becoming friends and regulars. I haven't lived there in about four years but there are enough gay people to keep busy bars in business including Drag Race queens passing through regularly like Metro.

Metro Entertainment Complex There are plenty of other spots, smaller, or sportsbars or whatever (or used to) so just sayin.... Another time a girl was naked down their hallway in 11 East with her girlfriend getting it on after coming home from going out so those clients were laughing hysterically and calling me whispering with all the shenanigans. If you looked at that apartment building, you'd never expect that - just looks like a normal older building of renters.


By closing this banner or by continuing to use Eventbrite, you agree.It's gonna skew a little older and with more relationships, than the average gay community. But it's not woefully dismal for a young gay professional.


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