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The New York Times Book Review selected Four Corners as a Notable Travel Book of the Year, writing, "Kira Salak is tough, a real-life Lara Croft." Book Magazine called her "the gutsiest--and some say craziest--woman adventurer of our day." Edward Marriott proclaimed Four Corners to be "a travel book that transcends the genre.

It is, like all the best travel narratives, a resonant interior journey, and offers wisdom for our times." , journalist Kira Salak makes a stunningdebut as a novelist.


On the other side of Port Moresby Bay, gays are targeted and physical and sexual assaults are common Speedy doing his laundry.Instantly the audience rose to its feet and cheered him.”Funny and sad in the same time…But I am glad to have dug up some excellent images: at least there is some documented evidence of the cultures which do not have a concept of body shame, and I hope at least some of these cultures will survive.In the globalized world it becomes more and more difficult (and maybe indeed often not necessary?

) to maintain local traditions, but it is important to keep the track of them and evaluate how the disappearing customs and lifestyles could actually contribute to the development of the whole civilization.Although those men on the video were not gays, police brutality is common against the members of PNG gay community.


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