Haylie duff dating greg


What better way to explain that you're having a shit day? But word spread like wildfire through the middle school set that he died, either of a heroin overdose or in a car accident. people were obsessed with it in the early '00s.

However, her X-rated songs dissing online haters exemplified a very specific type of My Space-era Internet fame, and viral white girl rappers Kitty Pryde and Kreayshawn owe a lot to Uffie's steez.The most memorable: Tom De Longe's boorish Boomer (far left). Instagramming that cake you're currently eating? Winky faces are what seventh grade boys sent you over AOL Instant Messenger when they were "flirting." C'mon guys, we've matured.Thank you Emoji, for expanding the range of emotions we can express to now include a smiling turd. If you like someone, just be direct and text them SMILEY CAT, PIZZA, HAMSTER. The freakishly cheerful Steve Burns hosted the show, but he left in 2002 to persue his music and other career aspirations.A Neopets addiction might seem dated, but the site is still around and reached its one trillion page-view mark in 2011.


Every great teenage heroine has a fiercely devoted male best sidekick that's forever trapped in the torturous "friend zone," forced to be a shoulder to cry on after those taller, suaver boys break her heart.Twitter is a hothouse for weird, and Horse_ebooks is one of its weirdest accounts. When each date stepped off the bus, the screen froze to reveal quirky facts about the date (e.g., "thinks the world is his oyster"; "licensed metrosexual").



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