How to fix validating identity error in windows xp


In a production environment you may wish to separate these or keep them in one policy depending on your AD design.

Lets start by selecting from Administrative Tools the Group Policy Management tool: On the tool we create a New Group Policy Object: We give this policy a Name: Once created we edit this policy by right clicking on it an selecting Edit: Now we select Computer Configuration/Policies/Windows Settings/Public Key Policies/Automatic Certificate Request Settings: We now right click on Automatic Certificate Request Setting and select to create a new Automatic Certificate Request, this will request to the CA a new Computer Certificate and renew the certificate when it expires automatically.



NLA is present in the latest versions of Windows, for Server: NLA was introduced first with RDP 6.0 in Windows Vista and later on Windows XP SP3.

This database is continually being used by all the applications on your computer to help your system run like it did when it was new.

The problem is that this database is often being used so much by your computer that it’s continually being saved in the wrong way.

It appears when you try to establish a dial-up connection for your network so you can access the Internet.

It is caused by your dial-up connection either being unsecured or unable to run correctly, and will prevent your computer from connecting to the Internet with the error as detailed below: This is what the 691 error normally looks like: You can usually fix this by ensuring that your login details are correct, and also by cleaning out the registry.

My goal is to push out GPOs to wireless users with the network information.


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