Index dating wmv modio not updating save games

After all, Quick Time MOV is just as proprietary but you'll find that no serious NLE app (especially on Mac OS) lacks the ability to edit MOV files.

:) The ASF specification is publicly published and the WM Format SDK is public and free - the plain truth of the matter is that simply nobody has put forward the effort into developing a good ASF editor. The issue is not the codec part of WMV (VC-1), but the file format (ASF).

Nevertheless if you save to an up-to-date lossy format (e.g. Xvid or x264) and choose your encoder settings properly, the loss in quality will be negligible! They're nothing like vdub, but they will let you cut.He could just as well stick with VC-1, for example, but simply direct stream copy the video to a file format like AVI or MP4.And while I fully agree that many other file formats have better editing support than ASF, this is not necessarily due to them being any more "open".This reflects something crucial: Online dating isn’t replacing any kind of offline connection or behavior, at least not for the cohort as a whole.

The closeness they feel the internet is giving them reflects on their offline behavior, which is more social than their age group would imply.

Muxing a proprietary video format, such as WMV, into a "non-standard" container (I consider AVI a "non-standard" container for WMV) won't help anything!


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