Is ray j dating mz berry

He weeded out all the hoochies, psychos and those who like to “smash the homies”. Berry may come with a little bit of baggage but I don’t think it’s anything that Ray can’t handle.

She’s older (I hear he likes older women…), experienced and more mature than the “little girls” that Ray was feeling this season. These are very great attributes, definitely a LADY that he can take home to momma.

Flip it to benifit you and yours and keep it moving.

First of all he in the theme of the show says he's trying to meet a woman who will make him want to change his ways, maybe. It's 2010 and yes race is and issue and will always will be until jesus takes regin(if you believe) but it doesn't help matters when you too condem your own race(whatever that may be)and chastise them like you know evrerthing and have done everything right and responsibily. It's freaking tv what do you expect only whit folks to look foolish on tv and get paid.

Only a true mentally ill person will stoop to this level for publicity. I admit that The Simple Life was entertaining but I swear I lost some brain cells tuning into My New BFF! Too bad Ray J isn’t filming any new seasons of For the Love of Ray J. You name it, her name or face has probably been on it.And might I add that I am soooooo so so glad that Ray J has put down the champagne flutes for the last time.

Who was he fooling with that sleaze fest of a dating show? Vh1 has a great lineup this season, all though I can’t stomach Basketball Wives for even the first five minutes.

Here’s a little bit more of what went on backstage: Berry and Ray talked backstage for much longer than what you saw on the reunion. This was all a way for her to put him on blast to make herself feel better about their situation.


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