Is the aga khan dating somebody


The title "His Highness" was bestowed upon the current Aga Khan by Britain's Queen Elizabeth in 1957, when he succeeded his grandfather at the age of 20. Other sources estimate his wealth at around billion.

Most of his wealth comes from tithes or voluntary cash donations by Ismaili community members.

However, six years into the marriage, his wife – who assumed the Muslim name of Begum Inaara -- filed for divorce citing the Imam's extramarital liaisons.

The couple is now officially separated, while the Imam is contesting Begum Inaara's claim for a divorce settlement worth nearly -million.

What makes the Ismaili Imam different to other key spiritual leaders?


Although the Aga Khan owns numerous estates, houses, and farms and even a private island, he remains a prince without a realm.However, according to Tajik journalist and author Rajabi Mirzo, many in Tajikistan's political circles still treat the Aga Khan with a certain degree of suspicion.THE Aga Khan is one of the world’s most generous philanthropists and the spiritual leader of more than 15 million Ismaili Muslims worldwide.A multi-million-dollar horse-racing and breeding operation is believed to be one of the main sources of the Aga Khan's income beyond donations by his followers.

He owns horse-breeding farms in France and Ireland.

Aga Khan supporters say most of the money goes to his extensive philanthropy, development, education, and charity projects in developing countries, especially those with large Ismaili communities.


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