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Elisa can't justify why she broke up with Peter, Jack advices against calling to make up; when she does anyway, the sex is great, yet for her that's no basis to stay more then friends.

When Mikey serves as his diagnosis test patient, Barto is delighted to find his friend is a medical rarity because of 'situs inversus', i.e. Father Conlin cancels their church reservation because the happy couple missed most of his marriage counseling sessions.


While Jill watches amazed and amused how obsessively she packs, Jack tells him she has a near-ex Sean, who works in an L. studio; Mikey calls Sean her would have-could have-should have, Elisa her almost-guy.The friends are invited to the wedding of Jill's ex Becky Hart; Mikey looks forward to lots of dating opportunities; asking Jack as his date perhaps wasn't Jill's best move, as she considers it their first meeting anniversary, which he discards because she ran out on him. Audrey didn't even want Barto to pick her up at the airport, nor picks up when he's on the phone, yet ends up showing up and dancing with him in tender embrace, the he kisses hotly but she hasn't decided yet what she now wants. Jack tells the girls Jill announced he will propose to her and already asks Audrey as maid of honor and Elisa as bridesmaid.Jill confesses to the boys he hasn't got a clue how to make his proposal romantic enough after building up her expectations for too long, and he promised the best man's job to a high school ball team friend, Duncan Crookston.Audrey's agent Dan warns her she must make contacts before her movie is old news, which proves to be very soon.

Med student Barto is on a mission, playing a gastric patient with a bowl obstruction, but since that's too easy to experience the patient's perception, Madison changes his 'disease' ...Jack is determined to make up with Elisa by becoming friends with Peter, while his superior knowledge and experience on everything drive...



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