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The original story is so embarrassingly bad, Star didn’t even put it on its website, relegating it to its print edition. probablynothing Continuing on the theme, he added: Took a nap & dreamed I was US cultural attaché to Canada.

The website Gossip reported on the story, quickly finding sources who debunked it. Craig almost seemed more amused that the tabloid rag paid any attention to him at all. Next, he retweeted the People’s Choice Awards, who mentioned that he is eligible to be nominated in the Late Night Talk Show Host category. You be the judge: “Craigy Ferg up for Fave Late Night Host 2013 PCAs! On Friday, Craig chats with actress Amanda Peet and actor John Cho.

In the past, after developing an act over the course of two years and recording a comedy special (as he will in Washington in November), Craig has gone to a comedy club in Denver in March to start working up new material.

But he has also been known to make a stop or two in other places beforehand.

Armatrading, who is a pioneering female solo rock artist, has released 20 albums during her 40-year career, been nominated for three Grammy Awards and most recently performed alongside Cyndi Lauper on her True Colors tour.

I wish Armatrading and Butler a very happy and long life together. )Sarah Shahi played the sexy and badass DJ Carmen on you, you fool!


) check out White’s blooper reel from her TV Land series The legendary Kate Bush released a sneak peek of her new music video for her song “Deeper Understanding.” I think the clip is a warning society about online overload.

When’s the last time you went outside and sat in the sun?

Out frontwoman Abisha Uhl and her band Sick of Sarah are currently touring the UK.

Tomorrow they will be performing at 7 PM at Bodega (23 Pelham Street Nottingham, United Kingdom) and check out their entire tour schedule.

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