Lenox marks dating Virtual date games

Each of the 1700 pieces featured the seal of the president raised in gold in the middle, surrounded by a bright ivory body with two bands of matte gold encrusted with stars, stripes and other designs.

This pattern was also used by the Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover administrations.

Lenox is still the only major US manufacturer of bone china today.

Lenox was the first American china to be used in the White House.

Lenox became popular when they started producing custom designed, elaborate dining plates.

In 1910, Lenox patterns were transferred onto dinnerware and then colored in by hand.

After that, full-color lithographic decals were used.

The company started out as more of an art studio than a factory.

Instead of a full line of ceramics, Lenox produced one-of-kind artistic ceramic pieces.

In 1918, First Lady Edith Wilson, who preferred American made china, picked Lenox china after seeing it in a local store in Washington, DC.



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