Married dating in sorento illinois

Sorento is home to the Sorento Elementary School which educates students ages pre-K through 8th grade.Sorento Elementary was a 2011 Blue Ribbon school, one of only 19 schools in Illinois and 304 in the entire United States.WWe were in the same class at LER and became friends very quickly.After coming back from our summer internships (Brian in Arizona, Tatiana in Texas), we moved into neighboring apartments and got even closer.Having almost the same class schedule, we carpooled to class every day, studied together, worked out together, and spent a ton of time getting to know one another.We officially started dating in December, just before graduation.A major arts and crafts festival known as the Sorento Fall Festival (formerly the Ripson Bridge Festival) is held in downtown Sorento each autumn, usually on the first Sunday in October.The event features live music throughout the day, children's games, an old-fashioned cake walk, and arts and craft vendors.



We live in the Minneapolis area, with our three children, Evan (6), Grant (4) and Joss (2).

We thought we'd share a few of these LERve stories with you all on our Alumni Blog. We met in school and then were set up on our first date by LER's own Gentz Franz ('05).


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