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Take on the great outdoors with your significant other by finding a hiking trail near you.You'll have the opportunity to see some beautiful sites while encouraging each other along the way.Try something way out of your comfort-zone—like skydiving."The fact that you trust each other enough to take that (literal) leap, will bring you closer," says dating expert Adrienne Selko.Wake up early to catch the sunrise together, or watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of wine."Holding hands while consciously sharing the beauty of a sunrise or sunset resets your focus into being present with each other which strengthens your bond." Rock climbing requires teamwork and trust, which are vital to successful relationships, says licensed psychologist Michele Leno, Ph. Plus, you'll release those feel-good endorphins as you work up a sweat.

"This will help you confirm that the attraction you feel for your partner is not just something you experience when you're having an expensive meal," says Byron Tully, author of "In order to keep the same neurotransmitters flowing through your brain and body that were sparked when you first met, you have to do novel activities or things that are a little bit thrilling," says relationship consultant Dr. Mix things up by sampling a cuisine you've never tried before and order something you're both apprehensive to eat.There are tons of escape rooms popping up all over the country, and it's a great team-building activity.



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