Mirroring behavior in dating dani harmer and richard wisker dating

It’s important to combine mirroring with listening, lest you find yourself merely mimicking the other person and not making any connection whatsoever.Avoid the extremes of leaning into a person in neediness or leaning back in aloofness for an extended length of time.In mirroring, if you’re sitting across a table from someone, they lean in, you lean in, they lean back, you lean back, they look away, you look away.You’re literally mirroring their behavior to establish trust and put people at ease.If you do this, you will notice that you start feeling more confident about what you say.This is the reason why mirroring body language makes people feel understood.


Our aim is not to manipulate someone, but to make connections with people to become socially excellent.Therefore, it is not surprising that a woman is more likely to mirror another woman than a man is to mirror another man.If you observe one woman talking to another, it will seem to you that the situations or events that she is talking about, are happening to both of them.Just be comfortable in your chair and mindful to speak the same language with your body as they are speaking with theirs. During the initial interaction, if she steps away from you, take a step back yourself, while continuing to create new conversational threads.


Furthermore, if she says “I have to leave,” train yourself to respond automatically with “I have to leave, too,” or playfully, “I am the one who has to go,” and then create a new conversational thread.

In other words, it causes you to copy facial expression that you see on others.



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