My speed dating experience

Not me personally, but I knew a gal who basically never dated, I mean literally no sex/emotional life with other people.

She was happy and content until one day she decided she wanted a boyfriend. I'm not sure that's how it would work for most people, but they are very well matched with each other. I met some interesting people, and got a few good friends out of it.

So, of course, being a class project, it was not perfectly organized — nor did it go smoothly.Usually though the number of men who want to hang out is much higher then the number of women. But if you tried online dating and are looking to try this because you thinkg you will find success here; I don;t think it's for you. It was a little awkward, but I looked at it as practice for future first dates.


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    The whole game’s played in first-person, so all the driving, management, and upkeep is done from the ground level – just as if you were serving and running the train yourself.

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